what do clients really want from an office centre?

  • to be treated with respect.
  • to be treated fairly whether you are a one person company or multiple.
  •  …
  •  ...

i will go on, in a later post, but let’s start with these two first.

i was working for a well-known company who had a branch in luxembourg

i was working alone, but had a lovely office in an office centre in luxembourg  with a great view. when a much larger company came to the office centre they took an office next to mine. after 6 months they decided they liked the look of mine, so i was told by the manager of the office centre that i needed to move from my office.

not asked, told.

i had been a good client for a number of years. i was told i didn’t have a choice, i told them i did, and moved out.

i also told them if they had asked me nicely and treated me with respect of course we could have worked something out…but they didn’t!

have you got a story like this? you do have a choice. come to b.u.r.o.s.

where we treat all of our clients with the respect and fairness you deserve.

call us on +352 20211511 or email info@buros.lu  and check out our website buros.lu



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