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Home is where the substance is written by kpmg

the era when a company could use a mere letterbox is about to become a legend!
substance over form
the principle is well known to accountants and is gaining momentum among tax experts. the increasing importance of economic substance is a logical consequence of various actions undertaken by national or supra-national bodies, such as the oecd’s recommendations on transparency and substance, transfer pricing regulations and base erosion and profit shifting (beps) action plans.
every corporate structure is different, and so, is it's substance needs.
to determine a required level of substance, a broad range of subjects should be analyzed on a case by case basis.
decision making processes
financing and management fee structures
place of shareholder and board meetings
residency and composition of board members
personnel in luxembourg and their associated tasks
bank accounts in luxembourg
b.u.r.o.s., with the help of its network of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, can provide:
 - own office space
 - luxembourg resident board members
 - board meetings in luxembourg
 - employees in luxembourg
 - bank account in luxembourg
 - specific tasks performed in-house
 - genuine business activity and associated risks
 - day to day management performed by luxembourg managers
 - luxembourg tax resident managers involved in the decision making process
 - consider requirements in the investment and investor countries


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