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buros serviced offices Luxembourg

need a real presence in luxembourg?



 - do you have clients with companies in luxembourg?
 - do they have a real presence here or are they domiciled at the address of an accountant, lawyer or banker? 
 - do they have a real office that looks as if someone actually works there on a daily basis and is not at the same address as their accountant, lawyer or banker?
 - do they have a Luxembourg resident director with the relevant qualifications and an employee on a payroll?
 - are they linked to a corporate domain or need a separate email address (not gmail) and web site?


if not or if you want to improve their substance in luxembourg have a look at 

we work together with independant directors, accountants, lawyers and bankers to provide you with what you need. encourage your accountant, lawyer or banker to register your company at an independant address with a permanent reception.

try it and see.